Agender (such as atheist) [ change ]

Agender (such as atheist) [ change ]

“Mature individual chicken” came up because the good parody of your motto within the later 2021 once an effective TERF sockpuppet tweeted you to “‘woman’ form adult individual girls. For example ‘hen’ form mature person poultry.”

AFAB trans lady [ modify ]

  • A phrase green salad made of random terms so you can indicate that sex-term labels was non-sensical otherwise meaningless.
  • A low-sequential set of names accustomed deliberately misgender trans guys because lady, tying the latest term “trans” so you’re able to conditions due to their sex tasked from the beginning (compare with “trans-known lady”).
  • Or, since the TERFs has actually understood that it structure try self-contradictary, the newest laugh “identity” of an effective cis woman whom means once the a beneficial trans girl (find biography-trans).

Aiden [ revise ]

Derogatory identity getting a beneficial transgender man, in accordance with the stereotype one “Aiden” (otherwise similar group of names elizabeth.grams. Hayden, Jayden) are a greatest choice of identity certainly young trans boys. That is often joked regarding of the trans someone certainly one of by themselves, but might have been appropriated because of the TERFs.

Autoandrophilia / AAP [ change ]

An effective pseudoscientific hypothesis that transgender guys who are not exclusively drawn to females changeover because of good fetish if you are considered males. It’s reduced prevalent versus thought of autogynephilia, and several advocates of your own autogynephilia theory believe that there’s absolutely no comparable within the trans men – because they’re “women”, and you may women do not have fetishes! But some TERFs believe it will are present, for this reason trans men never real. YouTuber Chase Ross (uppercasechase1) might have been cited by the TERFs since a keen autoandrophile as the their station centers on evaluating adult sex toys, packers, undergarments, etc.

Autogynephilia / AGP [ change ]

A great pseudoscientific hypothesis you to definitely transgender ladies who are not exclusively drawn to guys are transitioning strictly as a result of a great fetish to own are regarded as female. Which principle, endorsed from the J. Michael Bailey and most common between the mid-eighties and you can very early 2000s, could have been reused by the TERFs to help expand the blatant transmisogyny.

Autogynesmile [ edit ]

TERFs point out that trans people all the provides an identical smug smile as a result of its “autogynephilia”, thus it’s called a keen autogynesmile (or “autogynephile smirk.”)

Autohomoeroticism / AHE [ edit ]

A principle, based on the mostly-debunked idea of autogynephilia, you to trans someone (particularly trans males) that are attracted to a similar sex transition because of a beneficial fetish for being seen as gay people.

Bio-trans [ change ]

Other phony identity produced by 4chan or TERF Tumblr so you can mock trans somebody. A bio-trans girl was supposedly a beneficial cis lady who describes once the a good trans woman. It’s predicated on a comic where good cis woman “transitions” by the adopting transphobic stereotypes like shaving the woman see copy androgenic baldness and you can putting on a costume such as for instance an anime profile. The latest meme produced a bogus-flag process with the Myspace inside , that have transphobes doing an armed forces out of “bio-trans” sockpuppets, that includes bald women Picrew avatars.

Blanchard model [ revise ]

A principle, first posited because of the sexologist Ray Blanchard on 1980s, that trans women can be both homosexual guys who changeover so capable desire upright guys (“gay transsexuals”); or upright men exactly who changeover due to a sexual fetish (“autogynephiles”). Blanchard still claims now this particular is the case, even after common complaint out of their ideas and really works. TERFs adamantly guard the fresh new “Blanchard Model” although it cannot stand up to perhaps the very basic analysis.

Blanchard believes you to definitely trans the male is women, and lady don’t possess paraphilias; therefore there isn’t any types of this new design having trans males. Yet not, TERFs provides suggested their own equivalent in which all the trans men are both lesbians which changeover to leave homophobia, otherwise straight female having autohomoeroticism (a good fetish getting trying to rise above the crowd given that homosexual boys.)